Courses, Retreat and Pilgrimage

Retreat and Pilgrimage belong to our basic offers. We invite you to everything from one- to five-day retreats.

Åh Stiftsgård has designated Retreat house and Pilgrims house. Along with congregations in Gothenburg and Uddevalla, we are developing the pilgrim work on trails, lodging and food parcels. Contact for more information.

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Are you a pilgrim?

You could say Åh Church is a pilgrim church along a pilgrim trail. Many individuals and groups have had, Åh Stiftgård as their goal for their pilgrim’s journey. Our goal is for many more to join them. Many come back time and again, especially the young.

The church has since midsummer 1940 been one of the two main buildings on Åh. Many people have come many miles using many varied means of travel, and walk the final part of the pilgrim trail up to the Church. A walk to discover more of life and life’s meaning. The altarpiece of the church was painted by Norwegian artist Emanuel Vigeland. It describes a man walking to reach his goal. It is about homecoming.

Please visit our church and sit in one of the green-painted benches, and contemplate the words of Psalm 23:1-3 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He leads me in green pastures, he lets me rest in calm waters. He gives me new strength and leads me in right paths for his name’s glory. Please stay a while in the church and at the diocese, and reflect on this message.