We have two ministers at Åh. Göran Olofsson is our diocese minister and Lotta Hattner-Sandberg is our minister in Pastoral Care.

Göran Olofsson

Göran OlofssonGöran Olofsson has worked at Åh since September 2008. He has a lot of experience and before he worked as a priest in Tossene and in Vikornas southern contracts. A few words from Göran:

“Åh’s heart beats a little bit harder for our youths. Confirmands in the yard is a very common sight. We also organize other things on Åh, in-house or in collaboration with others.

Please visit our church and sit in one of the green-painted benches. They want us to learn the words of Psalm 23:1-3 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He leads me in green pastures, he lets me rest in calm waters. He gives me new strength and leads me in right paths for his name’s glory. You are more than welcome to stay for a while in the church and at our Stiftsgård. Welcome to ÅH!”

Lotta Haettner

Lotta Haettner SandbergAutumn 2011 Lotta started her work here at ÅH, after 20 years of ministry in the diocese of Lund as coordinator of pastoral care in the diocese of Gothenburg. A few words from Lotta:

“Where the ceilings are high, the thought fly easier – The idea is that if you are an employee, elected or volunteer you are welcome to come here to discuss what fills both your inner and outer life. Sometimes it’s good to share your thoughts with someone else, try different alternative ways to get ahead in life and take responsibility for the choices you make.

A visit to Åh is good for body, mind and spirit! Take a walk down to the water, enjoy a good lunch, have a conversation and get a little bit companionship or a quiet moment in the church. I hope that you want to visit and use the Åh together with others in a way that makes you feel that here the ceiling is high ceiling and that gives you the freedom to be just who you are, created in God’s image and see , it’s very good! Welcome to Åh!”